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FACTA (Farm Animal Care Training and Auditing) and Frost, PLLC, a leading national accounting firm in animal agriculture and food processing, have united to offer farm animal welfare auditing and assurance services to animal producers and food processors. Our goal is to help clients reduce their risk of animal welfare issues through the use of sophisticated risk aversion programs assuring clients and consumers that the best possible animal care practices are in use and independently verified.

FACTA’s animal welfare 4-tier audit approach is based upon years of science-based experience in the animal agriculture and food processing industries. Our audits are independently conducted, third-party, objective assessments of the state of animal welfare at the time of the audit. Our services are based on individual farm benchmarking by credentialed auditors and educators in an exclusive peer reviewed process. Our familiarity with the animal agriculture and food processing industries allows us to make assessments that generate relevant industry data without violating confidentialities or biosecurity.

FACTA is led by experts in animal handling and welfare and has been conducting independent, professional, science-based animal care training and auditing services for well over a decade and our audit reviews are PAACO certified.

Managing animal welfare (AW) is critical in today’s commercial animal agriculture units. When a company has control of its AW program, it lowers the risk of market disruptions and brand attacks. FACTA’s third-party verification services use accepted industry standards and best management practices that serve to protect your reputation and increase your bottom line.

FACTA always audits AW against the company policies, and utilizes a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) that reviews major FACTA activities. The SAC has as its members the most respected animal welfare scientists including Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Janeen Salak-Johnson, and Dr. Mike Williams just to name a few. This peer-review operates at the highest level using as its basis veterinary and animal welfare science and statistical process control.